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Game data editor supports storing text data in multiple languages by using Localizable text attributes.

You can set up your language list in Project Settings.

There are two ways to pass localizable text to a third party (e.g. for localization or editing):

  • You can export all localizable text data as XLSX spreadsheet
  • You can use special localization format XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format)

Export to XLSX

To export your text data as XLSX you need to run DATA EXPORT with a certain set of parameters:

Charon.exe DATA EXPORT --dataBase "c:\my app\gamedata.json" --attributes [LocalizedText] --output "c:\my app\myloc.xlsx" --outputFormat xlsx

Use --attributes [LocalizedText] parameter to indicate that only the attributes containing localizable text should be exported.

Additional columns may be present in export files. They are required for correct import of localized data later.

When your data is processed (e.g. translated), you can import it using DATA IMPORT in SafeUpdate mode:

Charon.exe DATA IMPORT --dataBase "c:\my app\gamedata.json" --input "c:\my app\myloc.xlsx" --inputFormat xlsx --mode SafeUpdate

Export to XLIFF

Charon.exe DATA I18N EXPORT --dataBase "c:\my app\gamedata.json" --sourceLanguage en --targetLanguage fr --output "c:\my app\myloc.xliff" --outputFormat xliff
  • Use --outputFormat parameter to indicate the exact format of exported data. It can be either xliff, xiff1, or xliff2.
  • Use --sourceLanguage to indicate what language is the 'source' (i.e. the language text is being translated from) for the translation, and --targetLanguage to indicate 'target' language (i.e. the language text is being translated to).

Use DATA I18N LANGUAGES command to see the list of all supported languages.

After processing your data you can import it by using DATA I18N IMPORT command:

Charon.exe DATA I18N IMPORT --dataBase "c:\my app\gamedata.json" --input "c:\my app\myloc.xliff"

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