The editor structures data as documents consisting of elements, each having a name and a value. Values can be either numerical or string. Other documents maybe be used as values as well.

Each document's structure an purpose are described by another special document called Entity. Each entity consists of attributes and additional parameters.

Data-describing data is called metadata. For now you will need to reload your editor page each time metadata changes (we will fix this in the following updates).

For example: if you need to store information about game characters, you create an entity named Character and use attributes Name, Gender to describe which parameters your characters will have.



You can change both contents and structure of any entity.

Still, there are some limitations:


You can delete an entity if it isn't being linked to other entities by Document, DocumentList, Reference, and ReferenceList attributes.

Technical entities

The following entities belong to the system and can be neither edited nor deleted:

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